Saturday, June 20, 2015

How To Print a Single Voucher in AX 2012

Sometimes we need to print a single voucher from a journal that have multiple vouchers. To do that we will take advantage of the ability to add new filters to Dynamics AX  reports. The following steps illustrate how we can do it:

1- Go to The Journal that have a multiple Vouchers.

2- Click Print then select Posted transactions by journal.

3- Click Select in the report parameters screen.

4- Click Add Button to add new criteria.

5- Select "General Journal entry" from Table field, Select "General journal entry" from the Derived table field, Select "Voucher" from the Field drop down list then in the criteria field enter the voucher number you want to print. then click OK.

6- Make sure that the Voucher Number criteria was added to the report filters from then select the "Ledger account types only" check box then click OK.

7- the system will present the voucher that we specified in the report filter.

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