Saturday, December 5, 2015

AX 2012 | Cash On Delivery

In the previous post we had discussed how to process cash sales. Today we are going to continue the second part of the cash sales where customers must pay when they receipt the goods or services. this process what we call cash on delivery.

Dynamics AX provide the functionality to process the cash on delivery. the following steps illustrate how to set up and process the cash on delivery.

AX 2012 | Cash Sales

In this post we will illustrate how to configure and process cash sale within Dynamics AX 2012. Cash sales is one of the common business practice between entities. In cash sales process the customer is required to pay cash on the spot. Dynamics AX create two vouchers when we post sales invoice with cash payment terms as follow:

First voucher

Debit: Customer Account

     Credit : Revenue Account 

Second vouchers 

Debit: Cash Account

     Credit : Customer Account

follow the few steps below to set up and process cash sales: