Saturday, December 5, 2015

AX 2012 | Cash On Delivery

In the previous post we had discussed how to process cash sales. Today we are going to continue the second part of the cash sales where customers must pay when they receipt the goods or services. this process what we call cash on delivery.

Dynamics AX provide the functionality to process the cash on delivery. the following steps illustrate how to set up and process the cash on delivery.

1- First, setup the cash on delivery payment terms. Go to Accounts receivable > setup > Payment > Terms of payment. Click New then enter the code and description then make sure to select COD form payment method also make sure to clear the cash payment checkbox.

2- Next, Create sales invoice. Go to accounts receivable > common > free text invoices > all free text invoices. Click New then select the customer and enter the details.

3- Next, switch to header view go to payment tab then select the cash on delivery from the Terms of payment list.

4- Next, post the invoice.

5- Verify the invoice has been posted.

6- To track the cash on delivery outstanding sales invoices go to to accounts receivable > Inquiries > COD outstanding. Make sure to select the Show Open Only. note that the outstanding COD invoices has been listed.

7- To track the expected COD receipts you can use the COD report. Go to accounts receivable > reports > Transactions > Customer > COD. Select the report criteria then click OK.

8- The report illustrate the expected COD receipts grouped by Mode of delivery.

That's all for today. See you :)

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