Tuesday, November 1, 2016

AX 2012 | Sales order Prepayment

Until recently, I thought there is no standard functionality to link sales order with prepayment. Guess what ! I was wrong.
Dynamics AX provide simple straight foreword functionality to link prepayment with sales order. Special thanks to Ahmed Assaf, who helped me to figure this out.

the following steps illustrate how to link prepayment with sales order:

1- Go To Account receivable -> Common -> Sales Order - > all sales orders -> Create new sales order

2- Fill the sales order details ( Customer, Item, Qty, Price, Etc...)

3- Next, to check if there is any prepayment was linked to this sales order go to sell tab then click the prepayment.

4- The "Total balance" refer to sales order remaining balance, "Amount in transaction currency" refer to prepayment amount
as you noticed our sales order don't have any prepayment transaction. 

5- To link prepayment with this sales order we need to copy or write down the sales order number in our example "000960".

6- Next, Go to Account receivable -> journals -> payment -> Payment Journal.

7- Create new payment journal the click lines.

8- Select the customer, select prepayment checkbox in the payment tab, fill the prepayment amount in my case "500" USD which represent 50% of the sales order amount.
Now the most important step, to link this prepayment with the sales order enter the sales order number in the "Payment reference" field. that simple.

9- Post the prepayment.

10- Now lets go back to the sales order and see the result. Go To Account receivable -> Common -> Sales Order - > all sales orders -> Select sales order "000960" -> select sell tab
then click prepayment. Here we go. As you can see the "Total Balance" Show the sales order remaining balance after subtract the prepayment, and  "Amount in transaction currency" show the prepayment amount.

Cool isn't it !