Saturday, August 15, 2015

Speed Up the demo data import | AX 2012

If you try to import AX 2012 R3 demo data you will notice that the importing process take very long time and it may took more than 24 hours. After a little investigation i found that the cause of this problem is due to the small size of the empty database.

Since the import process end with a huge size (around 16 GB for data and 26 GB for log) MSSQL start using the auto growth to expand the DB file size which will take long time and in some cases the expanding will stop when the DB reach the maximum file size. 

We can reduce the import time to 1 hour or less in very simple way. all what we need is to expand the DB file size before start importing the demo data, the following steps illustrate how we can do it:

1- Open MSSQL

2- Select the MicrosoftDynamicsAX Database > Right Click > Select propitiates

3- Select Files then change the row data size to 16 GB and the log to 26 GB then click Ok.

4- Wait until the DB expansion finish the close the MSSQL.

5- Now you can start importing the demo data.  

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