Thursday, August 20, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics 'AX 7' New, Changed, and Deprecated Features

New or changed features
Financial management What can you do?
AX 2012
‘AX 7’
Why is this important?
Export account structures to Excel
Not supported
You can now select an account structure and export that to Excel.
Many customers have requested the ability to export account structures to Excel for easier filtering.
View ledgers and advanced rule structures associated with an account structure on a single form
In AX 2012, the user has to navigate to multiple forms to see the ledger that the account structure is using.
Fact boxes have been added to the account structure form.
This allows for easier access to key information when defining and editing account structures.
Filter Management Reporter (labeled Financial reporting in ‘AX 7’) reports based on dimension, attributes, dates, and scenarios
All filtering of Management Reporter reports was handled through the design of the report. If a user with viewing privileges wanted to view a report for a different date, for example, this required a report designer to make the modification.
Report options have been added so when viewing a report, different filters can be applied and a new report is generated based on those filters.
Consumers of financial reports can apply different filters for dimensions, dates, attributes, and scenarios without the need for updates in report designs.
View Management Reporter (financial reports) within the ‘AX 7’ client
A separate web client was used for viewing Management Reporter reports.
A list of all financial reports can be accessed within the ‘AX 7’ client. The user selects a report to view, and the report is rendered within the ‘AX 7’ client.
You can now view financial reports without having to access a different client/application.

for more Features you can download the New Changed Deprecated Features whit paper from this link