Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AX 2012 Cash flow forecast Part I: Sales Cash flow forecast

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to illustrate how to use Cash flow forecast functionality for sales orders .

  Use the following procedures to work with Cash flow forecast:
1.     Click General ledger > Setup > Posting > Liquidity.

 2.     Click New to create a line for a liquidity account.

3.     In the Main account field, select a ledger account that is a cash or cash-equivalent account then close the form

4.     Click Accounts receivable > Setup > Customer posting profiles.

5.     On the Setup tab, in the Settle account field, select the account to use as the liquidity ledger account for customer payments then close the form

6.     Click General ledger > Setup > Chart of accounts > Chart of accounts.

7.     Select a chart of accounts. Select the Account receivable summary account and then click Edit on the Main accounts tab.

8.     Select Companies in the Select the level of main account to display field and select a legal entity. On the Setup tab, click Cash flow forecast.

9.     In the Percent field, enter 100.

10.  In the Terms of payment field, select the terms of payment.

11.  In the Main account field, select the cash account to which the sales account is linked for the cash flow forecast.

12.  Close the Set up cash flow forecasts form.

13.  Click Accounts receivable > Common > Sales orders > All sales orders.

14.  Create a sales order of 10,000 for a customer whose Terms of payment field value is the same as in step 10

15.  Calculate the cash flow forecast. (Click General ledger > Periodic > Currency requirement > Calculate cash flow forecasts.

16.  Select New in the Calculate the cash flow forecast then click ok Button.

17.  Close the info message box

18.  Click General ledger > Common > Main accounts.

19.  Select the cash account that you selected in step 11 then On the Action Pane, in the related information group, click Cash flow forecasts.

20.  As you can see the system show the Cash flow forecasts for the test bank account. Note that the date is equal (Shipping date + Term of payment (30 working days days in my case)

21.  Note: if you create new sales orders the system will create a new record for each sales order. So if you need to know the Cash in for a specific date you need to filter the data in the Cash flow forecasts then do manual summation.

Note 2please note that all cash flow forecast transaction will be moved to the new settlement account which was selected in the Customer Profile when you Calculate the cash flow forecast

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