Sunday, July 5, 2015

Import Customers using Data Import framework | AX 2012 R3

This post illustrate how to import Customers basic information using the data import framework in Dynamics AX 2012 R3

1- Go to Data import export framework --> Setup --> Data import / export framework Parameters.

2- Click browse to select shared working directory then click Validate button then close the form.

3- Go to Data import export framework --> Setup --> Source Data format, Create new source name and make sure to chose File in the Type then Change the Column delimiter if needed.

4- Go to Data import export framework --> Common --> Processing Group, Create New Group then Click the Entities Button.

5- in the entities form select the Customer Entity, CSV in the Sources data format, then Click the generate source file button.

6- in the wizard make sure to select the following fields:
Accountnum (Customer Code)
Name (Customer Name)
CustGroup (Customer Group)
Currency (Customer Currency  ) 
CountryRegionID (Currency Region)
then click Generate sample file.

7-Save the file in the shared folder you specified in step 2.

8-Open the file using MS Excel, fill the data then save the file.

9-Go back to the processing group --> entities---> Select the Sample file path then click the generate source mapping button..

10- if the mapping done successfully Click the Preview source file button to preview the data then close the form.

11- in the processing group select the group name then click the Get staging data button to copy the file data to staging table.

12-Click OK to create job.

13-Click Run in the staging data execution form.

14-Click OK.

15-The records will be inserted in the staging.

16-In the processing group select the group name then click Copy Data to target button.

17-Select the Job ID that we created in step 12 then click OK.

18- Click Run to import the data

19- Click OK.

20-The data will be written to target.

20-Go to the Customers List form, note that customers records was imported successfully.


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